Officers’ uniforms, company flags, and weapons used by Georgians during the War Between the States are featured among the items in the military collection.

The Jackson Artillery Flag, pictured in the background here, has been conserved and shows evident signs of the company souveniring the flag when they were mustered out of service.

Among the uniforms on display in the Civil War Museum, is the Richmond Depot Type II enlisted soldier’s jacket. which belonged to Private Francis M. Freeman. It retains a butternut color because of fading of the original gray. Known as a “cloth saving design”, it was made in a shortwaisted style to save fabric.

Macon, Georgia played a significant role in supplying the Confederate war effort and was the home of both the Confederate States Armory and Laboratory. An exhibit pictures and details these facilities as well as other local manufacturing contributions.

A Civil War military collection features officers’ uniforms, company flags, swords, and guns used by Georgians during the War Between the States.